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Printed Paper Offline Roll to Sheet Cutter Machine

Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine

Automatic Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine widely used in Apparel, Beverage, Chemical, Commodity, Machinery, Hardware, Medical.

Automatic Roll to Roll Screen Printing Machine

Roll to Roll Screen Printing Machine

This is specially-designed web-fed screen printing machine for flexible stock, in a roll such as RFID, Electronics-FCB (Flexible Circuits Board), Membrane Switch, IMD and Diffusers, Heat transfer paper/film, rubber vulcanization, Stickers, OPP, PVC, PC, PET, Plastic Leather, Aluminum Foil and so on.

 RFID Roll to Roll Screen Printing Machine

RFID Screen Printing Machine

This RFID Printing Machine is used widely on some high precision labels such as RFID Antenna, adapt to the electronics industry. RFID is short for Rodia Frequency Identification.

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Popular meltblown cloth rewinding machine

Popular meltblown cloth rewinding machine

The biggest lesson for us this year is the epidemic, but meanwhile, it has brought business opportunities to an industry ----- masks. The demand for masks in various countries is constantly rising. As a factory in the world, we are trying our best to contribute to this epidemic. Masks are becoming more and more strict as safety protection equipment. After all, safety needs to be considered, and meltblown cloth is one of very important material for production of masks. Because of that, We designed a meltblown cloth rewinding machine.  The melt-blown cloth rewinding machine may rewind the melt-blown cloth material, make it tidy and wind up. And the most important function is that it can make sure the mask with better protection against bacteria and dust(install Electrostatic electret device), which can better reduce the possibility of infection in this special time.   Since its launch, it has been favored by many customers. At present, the domestic market has opened a mode of grabbing goods, but we still sell it at the same price. Because we hope to help more customers producing higher quality but reasonable masks for areas in great need. Welcome to consult for foreign customers in need.

Biosensor with printing machine


We just added a new blog about the biosensor for widely used these days ( There are some customers start testing about the labels printing in our factory. It means that our roll to roll screen printing machine will be a very good trend and help for other fields.


Biosensor producing needs high configuration of silk screen printing machine because it has very strict and high précised requirements about the printing machine. We are the one who can meet the need.

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